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January 2015


Weekend Update

ann taylor oversized shirt

1. I always love browsing on Ann Taylor, and place orders at least a few times a year. It’s so frustrating though, because for some reason, most Ann Taylor items don’t work out for me – the fit is off, or I don’t like the fabric, etc. But I keep shopping because when I do find something I like – like my favorite knit slim pants – IĀ really like them, and end up buying multiples and multiples.

I’m very happy to say that I have found my next Ann Taylor favorite item, and yes I just bought my first multiple (I picked up my first last year) – the oversized shirt. I love this shirt because it’s perfect not just with leggings, but also underneath jackets and cardigans. The length peeking out under a cropped jacket is super chic. I just ordered my second one!

2. After running around in my Nike trainers during CES, it’s been difficult for me to go back to my high heels for daily work wear. Yeah I look a lot shorter, but my feet are in heaven! Ahhh.

As part of my justification to temporarily pack away my heels, I came across this article from the Daily Mail about how stilettos may cause premature aging and arthritis in your knees later in life. This then started a frenzied Google search where I came across example after example of women warning their younger selves not to wear too many heels. Any opinions? Continue Reading


Coco Before Chanel: The Wardrobe

Today’s wardrobe recap is on a movie which I only just watched recently – Coco Before Chanel, starring Audrey Tatou. When I first watched the movie, I assumed I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do a wardrobe recap as…


The Hermes Kelly Pochette

I recently shared some of my Christmas goodies, which included an Hermes Kelly Pochette in Bleu Iris. I was really happy to add this clutch to my collection as I had been thinking about it for some time. Actually,…


Weekend Update

1. I know I just said that I have too many black bags, but I recently fell in love with this beautiful Bottega Veneta tote. I’ve always admired the Cabat tote, but didn’t move fast enough on the Mini…

Closet 101

2014 Wardrobe Resolutions: Final Results

I promised an update to my 2014 Wardrobe Resolutions earlier last week, with some special detail paid to Resolution #3 (25 items or less). Let’s see how I did, shall we? Resolution #1: Closet trim down. Done. Lots of…