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August 2014


Labor Day 2014: Sale PSA

Hello, hello! For those celebrating, I hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend.

There are some great sales that have kicked off, so today I wanted to just share a quick post of some of my picks.


Clockwise, starting from the top corner left (the chic lady in the camo pants):

1. A classic piece from J.Crew – the schoolboy blazer in black – is now close to 60% off, or $82 with the code “WEEKEND”, down from $200. This is a classic item that you can wear basically year round – throw it on over a simple tee or blouse and it just pulls an outfit together. A great price on a fall staple.

2. Very chic Jimmy Choo suede loafers, now 40% off, or around $480. Actually it was Mr. Feather who first noticed this pair, who thought they looked very cool – my husband very rarely finds flat and comfortable shoes appealing, so I had to take another look. I love that they just have a bit of a heel and that they go great with both pants or a little skirt. Some of the most practical Choos out there for sure!

3. A super easy and comfortable tee shirt dress from Splendid, now 30% off or under $70. If you’re under 5’9 this dress won’t look as short on you and it’s a super easy piece to throw on while temperatures are still hot. Continue Reading


Weekend Update

1. I feel like I have been spending entirely too much time leering at beautiful shoes lately. I hesitate to post yet another pair, but these Aquazzuras were to beautiful to resist, plus they are selling out quickly (sad…

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Weekend Update

1. I’ve always received wonderful advice from readers when seeking out certain items, so today I’m sharing another conundrum of mine – comfortable high heeled sandals. I have tried so many different pairs of sky high heeled sandals over the…

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