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Reader Question: Limiting Purchases

Today I will be giving my best attempt at answering a reader question. This time, it’s from the lovely Lynette, who posted a question that I thought was very interesting and definitely worthy of some thought:

Do you have any advice or thoughts on how to fight the urge to buying everything, meaning learning to say no and not buy so much?  Of course money is the first barrier for many (including me) but let’s say that wasn’t – how do you control the desire to not want more, and just be happy?  Some people are good at not wanting so much, and a couple pieces satisfies them.  For me, I have loved Hermes for at least a decade and bought a decent number of their handbags. If had loads of money maybe my collection might be the size of Jamie Chua.

It  seems you are able to control the urge to overbuy and not own so many of a single style or buy every style they have available. You seem to do it thoughtfully and in a controlled manner. Recently, I finally purchased my first Van Cleef pieces. I am so excited and I already feel an itch to collect so many of their other pieces which is a feeling I never thought I would have since I am not a jewelry buyer. So before I make any buying mistakes I would love to hear what you think.

Too much Hermes...or not enough? It's all relative!

Too much Hermes…or not enough? It’s all relative!

This is a great question and a topic that I would say is consistently in the back of my head whenever I shop for clothes and accessories. I love a beautiful item (and boy are there lots of them out there), but I really loathe items not being regularly used in my closet. I like to be using everything that I have, no matter how precious. And my ideal closet size actually isn’t excessively large (at least in my mind). I like to have a certain number of items, and if I start to go too far over that amount, I get antsy and start getting rid of items. So it’s always been important for me to limit my purchasing. Here are some thoughts that have helped me. Continue Reading


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