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April 2014


My Diamond Earrings

Can I share a secret with you?

My diamonds are fake. Well, at least the ones in my ears are (usually).

I have several pairs of nice fine jewelry studs that I have enjoyed wearing over the years. I love studs – they are easy to wear, unobtrusive usually, and I wear a pair almost every day.

Anyway, about seven or so years ago, something very bad happened. I remember it all so clearly. I was out with friends at Dragon Bar (Bay Area residents feel free to judge away), and my hand brushed my right ear. And then I realized! There was no earring in it.

diamond studs

My hand quickly went up to my left ear, and then my heart sank – there was an earring in that lobe. Meaning that my right stud had fallen off, sometime during the night. Have you ever tried to look for a small item on the floor of a dark bar? I tried for about ten minutes, and then began the mourning process and ordered another round of drinks!

I complained to my mom, who was utterly unsympathetic as soon as she heard the words “…and I was at this place, you know, well a bar”. But she did pick me up a pair of cubic zirconia earrings at Nordstrom randomly a few months later – the Asian mother’s way of saying, Maybe you shouldn’t have nice things. And I love them! They’re a nice size, look good enough, and I never worry about losing them. And the best part? Under $50!

I would never buy a fake handbag, but fake diamond earrings are okay with me. How about you?

PS: I hope you never lose an earring as I did, but if you do, Tiffany will replace the missing piece for 50% of the total price, so very reasonable. Just sharing some knowledge I hope you never have to use!


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