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February 2014


Weekend Update

Hello! On the theme of France (I just returned and am fighting massive jetlag), I thought I would make this weekend update slightly Parisian themed. Have a wonderful one!

1. Over last weekend, I had some time to wander around the city and happened to walk by a Longchamp shop. I took a look around and it reminded me of how much I enjoy this brand – great quality, classic products, and versatile and sturdy accessories that last. There was even a woman and her daughter in the shop when I was there, taking in a simple nylon bag for repair.

My favorite from the Longchamp line besides the classic Le Pliage has always been the Planetes Tote, in sleek black (which I recommend over Le Pliage actually, if you don’t need it to fold up).

A new favorite from Longchamp that I am a huge fan of is the Le Pliage Cuir line – leather versions of the classic favorites, with easy to use shoulder straps. So chic and nice pricing (around $500 usually) for a high quality leather bag. This season, I liked (and saw in store) a bright vermillion shade, as well as a beautiful light taupe, lovely for spring.

2. While searching for restaurant reservations to make in London, I came across this neat little interview via Business Insider with a so-called “Michelin Expert” who gives his opinions on Michelin restaurants from around the world. I thought it very interesting actually, and found myself agreeing with some of his statements (sorry Hong Kong!) and wanting to try some German Michelin cuisine. For all the “foodies” out there. Continue Reading


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Weekend Update

Hello from London! I’m just here for a quick work trip, but it’s lovely to be spending a few days in one of my favorite cities. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 1. My old white blazer…


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Weekend Update

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