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Fall Boot: The Frye Jackie Button

I have spent the last few months haphazardly searching for the perfect pair of fall boots. I had a fairly tough list of requirements – there had to be a low heel, yet they had to be comfortable enough that I could walk at least a mile in them. Also, I wanted them to be wearable for both my workplace and on the weekend. They were an item that I would occasionally think about, and root around the internet and place an order for. Then of course, the boots would arrive and something would be wrong with them (too tall, too high of a heel, looked super weird on me, had a horrid smell, and it went on). So I’d have to return them. And the cycle would begin again.

I finally am happy to report however, that I found my pair of fall boots! This revelation came as happy news I’m sure to not just myself but Mr. Feather, who had been tiring of giant boot boxes showing up at our home. They are from Frye, a brand which I’ve heard of many times but never thought to try out for myself.

Frye Box

The first thing that surprised me about these boots was that they didn’t have a zipper. I always thought I would need a side zipper for boots to fit comfortably, but these fit very nicely and snugly. And as a bonus, I think the absence of a zipper makes them even more comfortable.

The leather is a very soft, broken in calf – I work in a more casual environment, so these boots work very well there. However if you do work in a more formal environment like a bank, etc, then the leather plus the boot style might be too casual.

Frye Jackie Button

Frye Jackie boots

The heels are sturdy and measure about 2 inches, and the footbed is cushioned, while the sole is leather with rubber to prevent sliding (and that clackety clack clack sound you can get from boots). Very comfortable for walking, while still getting a bit of extra height.

Frye Heel

One more thing I wanted to mention about these Frye boots – they have a fairy high shaft and I have shorter calves (long legged ladies, you can stop reading here and go back to modeling all your fabulous ankle and calf length boots), so I was initially skeptical that they would work on me. However, they actually ended up hitting at a very nice place below the knee! I think perhaps it’s because of the slight dip in front.

Frye worn

Overall, I would highly recommend these boots from Frye – I’ve worn them around for a few weeks now, including some very long work days, and they’ve been incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. I’ve also heard that Frye has quite good quality and I’m looking forward to taking these into the cobbler for years to come. You can find them at Nordstrom, and Zappos.

What are some of your perfect fall boots? Have you found them yet?

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