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Checking In: 2013

The next few weeks are a combination of a heavier workload and some fun travel for me, so I wanted to write a quick update and mention that my posting may be bit a sporadic for the next month or so. As I’m actually at the lounge right now, captive to my laptop and waiting for the fruit platter to be refilled I wanted check in on some of my goals this year. This is more for my own record keeping than anything else, so feel free to snooze away!


A trimmer closet: Ever since 2013 began I’ve kept my number of closet related purchases down (more details here). I’ve always been quite a boring shopper and now my habits have become even more snore inducing since I don’t go shopping very much at all. I’m on track to hit my 30 items in 2013 goal (woohoo!) and I’m actually ahead, though I’m planning on picking up a few items soon for fall. Because I’m so limited in what I can buy and keep, I’ve ended up really liking everything I’ve added to my closet. These days, much of my interest has been diverted towards…

Traveling more: It’s been such a fun time on all of our travels as a couple and now I just have a longer and longer list of all the places I’d like to go! These days if you were to offer me either a nice piece of jewelry or to be able back to Bali on a whim, I’d definitely pick Bali. That being said, I’ve never been a fan of the “travel trumps materials items because it’s an exxppperrieennce (say in snooty voice)” camp. Call me shallow but I frequently experience great amounts of utility and happiness from material goods! Whatever floats your boat. And of course, being about to travel lots goes hand in hand for me with…

Saving consistently: I’ve received a few inquiries about putting together a post about how I budget, which I’ve hesitated on because I’m far from an expert and it’s a bit like the blind leading the blind. That being said, I have been very consistent about how we save this year and really tried to automate as many processes as possible, saving a great deal of time compared to what we used to spend tracking accounts and paying bills. I have a relatively simple set of processes that I’ve worked out that I hope to share in a future post.

All right….that’s the end of my goal check in for 2013 so far and my ramblings. Please let me know….how are you doing on your goals for 2013?


PS: I couldn’t help but peruse some Labor Day sales while waiting for my plane. While I’m actually quite disappointed with this year’s selections overall, here are two stand outs: a classic Burberry black trench with leather details at 40% off, and a simple, comfortable and very flattering black dress by Three Dots at 30% off.


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