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July 2013


Recent Finds: Nordstrom and Target

I recently picked up a few items at both Nordstrom and Target which I’ve really been enjoying – I wanted to share these items before they’re no longer in stores/go back to full price.


I posted earlier about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going public about a week ago. Since then I’ve both gone to the store and placed a shameful amount of orders. Unfortunately most of the items I tried didn’t end up working out for me and/or were disappointing – apart from my yearly stock up of Zella pants, I only found two items that I thought were really great. Here they are!

First up: Diptyque candles. These candles are one of my favorite home indulgences but the prices scare me so I only buy a few a year. Luckily, they last a really long time.

As part of the Anniversary Sale, Nordstrom is offering a Diptyque set which includes a wick trimmer and lid with any two candles. The two normally retail for $38 and $22 respectively separately, so it’s a nice value if you’re a Diptyque fan.

Diptyque Candle Trimmer

Diptyque collection

Diptyque “Baies and Figuier” candle set, $120

Note that I actually bought mine in store, so was able to pick out any two candle scents I wanted (the Eucalyptus might get exchanged though – a little too strong, I can smell the camphor through the box). The online set comes with Figuier and Baies, which are two of my favorites. Continue Reading

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