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April 2013


Reader Question: Should I Get an MBA?

I graduated from business school with my MBA a couple years ago, and over the years I’ve received quite a few questions about:

a) Whether or not I would recommend an MBA,
b) If I think it was worth it, and
c) Any other advice I might have.

I hesitated to write this post because I wasn’t sure if there was enough interest and also because I am far, far from an expert on this topic. An MBA like any graduate degree is highly personal and so dependent on so many factors – from your career goals, to your personality, to the school you go to and the economy at the time. However, I seem to be getting more and more emails about this topic (maybe because application season just ended?) and so have attempted to share some of my thoughts here today.


Yours truly, graduation day

Would I recommend an MBA? 

The answer from my experience is a definite yes. I loved my time in business school and it was two of some of the most fun, interesting years of my life. One of the best descriptions I ever heard was from a classmate and good friend of mine who said that two years at HBS was “a present to herself.” I totally agree. It’s one of the last times that you can take years off from your career to learn, experiment, have fun, travel, and actually have it be seen as a benefit on your resume. I learned so much while there and it also gave me a chance to live somewhere new, the beautiful city of Boston. Continue Reading

Beauty Interview

Interview with Rae

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Interview with Catie Nienaber

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Packing Shoes for Travel

One of my biggest conundrums when thinking about packing a travel wardrobe has always centered around shoes. What shoes to wear, and what to pack? I’ve made quite a few mistakes over the years – been stuck with only…


Interview with ABG

Today I am fortunate enough to introduce you to the amazing and inspiring ABG. I first met ABG while chatting about one of our favorite brands (Hermes of course) – and  soon learned what an incredibly well traveled, intelligent…


Printed Dresses

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