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January 2013

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Interview with Jane

This Wednesday’s interview is with the very chic Jane – a New Yorker working in finance. Jane has a beautiful working and off duty wardrobe, and is gorgeous, well traveled, and successful. She’s clearly a woman who takes her career seriously and has worked hard to where she is today – just one of the reasons I admire her. I hope you like meeting Jane, and enjoy her gorgeous photographs!


Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I’m one of the few non-hipsters living in Williamsburg, NYC. I work in a bank, am married, have no kids, and I’m in my 30’s.

You work in finance and have a pretty demanding job. What are some pieces of career advice that you’ve learned along the way that have helped you land where you are today?

1. Even if you are the most junior person in a company, think as if you own the business, rather than as a worker bee who is paid to do what the job description says.
2. Think big picture and always ask yourself: do the results/findings make intuitive sense?
3. As a female professional, do not be emotional at work. Do not ever cry in public. Do not ever act on impulse.


What is your take on wearing “obvious” or clearly identifiable luxury brand items at work?

I think that it really depends on the work environment. I’ve worked in companies that are dressier, and companies that are very low key. I think that we need to respect the environment. I can probably carry a Birkin comfortably at Vogue, but I will never carry a Birkin to a low key office where most men wear Brooks Brothers shirts (I have nothing against Brooks Brothers!). Learn from men: understated luxury is the way to go. Continue Reading

Closet 101 Style

2013 Wardrobe Resolutions

I’m a little late this year in posting this, but I decided to write down a few key “wardrobe resolutions” for this year as we finish out the first month of 2013, and wanted to share. Here are some…


Interview with Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie

Today’s interview is with Roxy – tech executive and blogger extraordinaire at Effortless Anthropologie. Even though I’ve been quite a fan of Anthropologie for a while, it’s a store that I rarely go into these days because a) the selection and choices…

Europe Food Travel

Barcelona – The Food

This is part three of my Barcelona trip – for parts one and two, please see below. Barcelona – Lufthansa First Class and First Class Terminal Barcelona – Mandarin Oriental, Gaudi and Mammoth Museum Barcelona – The Food I…


The Red Coat

I love red coats. I always stop to admire them on shop racks in the fall/winter season, and I think they look wonderful against blacks and grays (amongst many other colors). Since I have lots of neutrals in my…

Beauty Interview Style

Interview with Alexa

Today’s interview is with Alexa – a gorgeous, very stylish new mom from Hong Kong. Alexa has a wonderful sense of fashion that I adore, is a beauty guru, and was also featured in one of my favorite Sartorialist…