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Favorites of 2012

Hello and I hope you all had a beautiful holiday! I’ve been spending my holidays on the East Coast here with my husband’s lovely family before a short break in Spain for the new year. I’ve been really enjoying all of the food though it’s definitely colder here!

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to try and track my shopping purchases to get an idea of what I was buying and shame myself with all my bad decisions. Now that it’s December, I’m quite happy to report that I more or less achieved my  my goal of buying significantly less than in years past…though there were still some mistakes…! On a positive note though, I wanted to share some (five, to be exact) of my favorite buys of 2012 – the ones that I’ve used over and over again, adore, and am happy that I added.

Favorite 2012

The Bright Scarf: I was really determined this year to add a big cozy colored scarf to my wardrobe – since I tend to gravitate so much towards neutrals in my shoes, bags and clothes, I really wanted to find a warm shawl that would help me add some color. I have always loved the Hermes GM shawls but they are too expensive for me to just buy them at every whim, so I’m very careful with purchasing. When I saw the Ex Libris Kimonos pattern come out and especially in this color way, I had to have it. It’s one of my favorites scarves in my wardrobe and I wear it all the time. Wearing it here. Continue Reading

Closet 101

Closet 101

Happy holidays! And for those celebrating, Merry Christmas! No real big post today but I wanted to share with you all a “new” category on my site, which I am calling “Closet 101”. Here I put together all my…


Bag Review: Chanel Wallet on Chain

A few weeks ago, my husband was thoughtful enough to pick up a small Chanel bag for me while he was passing through Heathrow airport. Heathrow is the only place that I’ve purchased Chanel accessories from in the last…

Interview Style

Interview with W

Today’s interview is with W – a former lawyer and ultra stylish mother of four currently living in Hong Kong. W has some of the most spectacular and beautiful accessories I’ve ever seen, yet is humble, down to earth…

Closet 101 Money Style

Reader Letter: A Closet on a Budget

A few weeks ago, a very sweet reader Barbara sent me this message (paraphrased a bit for length): I always enjoy reading your blog and I love the fact you are so ” down to earth” about fashion &…

Beauty Interview

Interview with Liz and Amy of Café Makeup

Today’s interview is with two ladies who run one of my favorite beauty sites – Liz and Amy, of the blog Café Makeup. I adore Café Makeup for the reason I love sites like The Beauty Look Book – beautiful photography,…


Favorite Gifts

Holiday season is in full swing now, and every year during this time I find myself searching for little gifts to have on hand. I love finding the perfect gifts for people and one of my favorite activities to…