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November 2012

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Four Seasons Maui

This past Thanksgiving week, my husband and I spent five days with my family at one of my favorite places on earth – Hawaii! We met up with my mom, stepdad and stepbrothers and all spent the week at one of my favorite resorts in Hawaii (and the world) the Four Seasons Maui. Our goal was to have a relaxing week where we could spend time together and apart and never have to leave if we wanted to. We definitely accomplished that and I wanted to share with you some of why I love this resort so much.

Starting with the view when you walk into the resort.

Yes! How can you not love this? A fountain overlooking another fountain in the middle of the main pool, surrounded by cabanas. The pool you’re looking at here was the biggest pool and was filled with happy children playing each day.

Once we checked in, my husband and I quickly went up to our rooms to lie around and grin about being in Maui. We were on the 7th floor (8th is the highest at this property, no mega high rises in Wailea) and were happy to discover that the rest of our group had already checked in and were all next to each other down in a row.

Our room was the standard size with ocean view, plenty of room for what we needed and everything was immaculate and comfortable. If I was traveling with kids though I might recommend the Maile Suite – which was on our floor and looked gorgeous.

The first night when we checked in, we also found some goodies in our room that had been left for us -both were actually really delicious (especially the passionfruit marshmallow!) Continue Reading


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