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September 2012


Cozy Sweaters

Every year when summer starts to turn into fall, I feel a little sulky. I love warm weather and even though I love fall clothes, I don’t like the temperature change.  To me there are few things worse than finding yourself in complete darkness at 7 PM and  being greeted by freezing cold air when you step out of the shower first thing in the morning (GRR!).

Whenever the sulks come on in early September, I always do a little splurge on a fall sweater. I love sweaters! I adore the feeling of being cozy and wrapped up in a great knit. I’ll typically buy a few sweaters fall/winter season but since I already have a lot, I am careful about each one I add.

This year, I wanted to share with you my favorite  and first new sweater that I picked out for fall – that I absolutely love! It’s by Vince – a brand that I always find great basics at. I still have and wear my Vince sweaters from 4-5 years ago.

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Interview with Marlien Rentmeester

Today’s interview is with the beautiful and talented Marlien Rentmeester, the West Coast editor of Lucky Magazine. I’ve read Lucky ever since it started in 2000 – it was one of the first magazines I ever subscribed to (Highlights doesn’t count) and I…


Black Accessories

If I could go back in time to when I first started buying more expensive wardrobe pieces, I’d tell myself to make sure that I had all my black accessories picked out and paid for before buying anything else.…

Interview Style

Interview with Plumtree

Today’s interview is with Plumtree – a lovely, very accomplished woman with lovely style and an absolutely killer wardrobe. Plumtree is a lawyer (with great advice for you future lawyers out there!), animal lover and Asian art aficionado. She…


Helen Gurley Brown

I remember the very first time I ever heard of Helen Gurley Brown. I was with my mom at Smithbooks (remember them?) and we were both looking through the bargain bin for books to rescue. I think I ended…

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Even though I’ve lived in Northern California for most of my life, before this past weekend I’d never been to Healdsburg. For no particular reason, I just always ended up in Napa/Sonoma/Calistoga. My husband and I finally  had a…

Interview Style

Interview with Justin Ng

I had such a fun time putting together this week’s interview. Justin is an incredibly talented photographer and illustrator whose work I adore. He is one of those people who you can tell just loves to create beauty, and…