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August 2012


Interview with T

Today’s interview is with the lovely and very charming and accomplished T. T instantly won me over when she described herself to me as a “homebody who loves cats”. How cool of a description is that? As someone whose idea of a good time involves my couch, wine, giant Twix bars and Veronica Mars, T’s words definitely spoke to me as a secret introvert.

T is accomplished (she’s a dentist!), loves cats, and has fabulous style and a closet to match. Enjoy meeting her!

Hermes Kelly clutch and lizard Louboutins

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

Hi! My name is T. I am a dentist. Currently, I live in the southeast United States with my husband, four beloved cats, and one stray cat who comes to our house daily to eat and nap on our front porch. Haha. Continue Reading


The Cover Up

I love swim cover ups. I use them all the time by the pool and beach and just putting one on makes me think of summer. Happy times! If close friends are coming over and I’m feeling lazy I…

Beauty Interview

Interview with Jen of From Head to Toe

Today’s post is with one of the first beauty bloggers that I ever read (and watched on YouTube) – Jen of From Head to Toe. Jen is an designer, beauty blogger and makeup artist whose YouTube videos have been…


Interview with Audrey

Today’s interview is with one of the coolest women out there – Audrey. Without giving too much away (you’ll read about it soon enough), I will say that Audrey is incredible. She’s had a career in the music business,…


Paper Anniversary

marks officially one year since I got married. Woohoo! Since first anniversary gifts are supposed to be involve paper (I had to look this up, had no idea), I thought I would share some of my favorite stationery. I love…

Interview Life

Interview with Don Thompson

I am absolutely clueless about art. Despite the fact that my mother loves art and I grew up going to museums and surrounded by countless hardcover books filled with paintings and sculptures and ceramics- I have retained almost no knowledge about…