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Interview with Megan

Today’s interview is with a blogger that some of you might recognize – Megan from the blog, Pretty in Pink Megan (PIPM). I first came across Megan’s blog more than a year ago and was instantly hooked – Megan has just the right mix of killer style, great taste, and hilarious writing. I love that she has posts that range from beautiful shoes for fall to goofy photos of her testing out various hairstyles or making faces at the camera. I adore her, and know that you all will too. So enjoy meeting the lovely Megan! I’ve included some of my favorite photos of her throughout.

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I am Megan and I live in Memphis, Tennessee.  I work in recruiting and I am fortunate enough to work from home when I am not traveling for work, but I travel quite a lot!

One of my favorite Tibi dresses

I know that you used to work in a high end boutique! What are the best and worst things about working at one?

I used to work in a high-end boutique.  I worked there for about 2.5 years right after I moved to Memphis.  I loved working at a women’s boutique because we carried all of my favorite brands and I got a great discount.  Plus, if we didn’t have something I wanted I would special order it from the vendor and still get to use my discount.  The worst thing about working at a boutique was definitely the hours.  I hated working weekends!

What are some of your favorite brands to wear?

My absolute favorite brands are Tibi, Theory, Vince, Rebecca Taylor, Diane von Furstenberg, and Milly just to name a few.  As for shoes I love Miu Miu, Prada, Loeffler Randall, Tory Burch, and Elizabeth and James.

A little snapshot of her killer Chanel collection

What brands do you think are completely overrated? Overpriced?

Well, I went into a Chanel phase about 2 years ago after getting my first Chanel handbag.  As you know, once you get one, you have to have more!  I quickly acquired a few more Chanel bags before the insane price increases started.  I have to say that right now, the current prices are absolutely insane!  They have raised the price of a jumbo $1000.00 dollars in one year, and to me, that is just ridiculous.  While I love my Chanel bags and will keep them forever, I really don’t see myself buying anymore of the newer flap bags if the price increases continue.

Megan and her adorable dogs

Can you share with us some of your favorite, ultimate holy grail items that you own? 

Well, of course my Chanel Jumbo!  The black jumbo is the perfect purse for all occasions if you ask me!

Also, my Chanel Camera Bag in Beige Claire- another timeless classic!

What are some the biggest lessons that you’ve had to learn about fashion/style that you’d want to pass on to readers?

Don’t splurge on super-trendy items.  I invest a lot into shoes and handbags and tend to save on the trendier stuff by shopping at H&M, Forever 21, and other less expensive stores.  I love J. Crew for basics like pants and tees.  Invest in one great handbag and one great pair of heels and you will be able to make the most of your outfits!

Some of her gorgeous wedding photos

I know you are from the South – Kentucky and Memphis – and I am jealous because I am a San Franciscan and commonly associated with hippie behavior and Birkenstocks. What are some the Southern stereotypes that you think totally ring true in general, both style and etiquette wise?

Haha! Well, I definitely think good hair, makeup, and matching are definitely traits of being from the south.  It’s very important to master the beauty pageant hair down here, and for those of you who don’t know what that is just look at a picture.  It’s all about the hot rollers and teasing comb! Also, a southern girl loves her lipstick! When I studied abroad in Paris my study abroad friends from California would laugh at me because I always wore red lipstick.  They had never seen such a thing and were used to just wearing chapstick or lipgloss!  Style-wise, people in the south are all about matching and not really about taking risks.  It takes a good 6 months to a year for trends to catch on here.  Sometimes when I wear something very trendy I will get lots of stares because people really don’t know what to think.   Etiquette wise, it’s all about the southern charm and friendliness! Lots of honeys, sweeties, and darlings! And don’t even think about not ordering a sweet tea!

I’ve LOVED following the saga involving your hair! How many color/cut iterations has your hair gone through in the past year or so?

Oh goodness.  In the past year my hair has probably been just a couple colors, but in the past two years it’s been about 4-5.   I just get really bored with my hair and constantly seek change.  I will want to grow it out for a while, then I will want to cut it, then I will want bangs.  One month I want it brown, the next I want highlights, the next I want platinum.  It definitely keeps things interesting!

What are some of your favorite beauty/hair products?

I love Chanel cosmetics and that’s basically all that I use for make-up.  As far as skin care, I rotate between using Retin-A, white lightening by IS Clinical, and La Mer.  As far as hair, at the moment I am loving Morocanoil Shampoo and Conditioner, but I rotate a lot with hair products too.  I use Joico K-Pak once a week for a protein treatment.

Her amazing wedding set 

What is a typical day and night look like for you? 

A typical day is picking up a rental car and driving who knows where for work.  A typical night is me with my laptop watching TV with my 4 pups.

What are some of your other hobbies? 

I love walking, playing with my dogs, and attempting to work out.

Megan being goofy 🙂

Finally, please share something surprising about yourself that most people wouldn’t know! 

I am a big undercover nerd.  I was a psychology and political science major in college and experimented with several minors in French and Art History.  I am very curious and investigative and can literally find out anything about anyone.  I also love documentaries on the History Channel and Discovery channel and you can often find me watching shows on UFO’s, Space, or Armageddon.  I am very quirky!

Isn’t she adorable? I love Megan and her blog and want to thank her again for taking the time to share with us! Please check out her blog here – and thank you again Megan! You are fabulous 🙂


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