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April 2011


The Boring Black Sandals

Groggy eyed from watching the royal wedding, I am about to hop on a plane, pass out, and move back to California. There are so many things that I will miss about this city but one thing I will not miss is having my clothes split between two closets. That has been absolute torture! The #1 perfect item to finish up my outfit whether I am in Boston or Bay Area will invariably end up being stored in the other location. And as you know, second best is first place for losers! So joy….I’ll finally have all my things together.On that materialistic note, I wanted to share a purchase that I just received in the mail. There’s a bunch of holes I need to fill in my wardrobe and a big one has been comfortable black sandals. I know I need them, but I keep getting distracted by pretty, useless shoes. I’ve been really trying to be practical though and invest in comfort.

So I present to you, my boring black sandal patent, no color, no glitter:

These are the ubiquitous “Tribute” style from YSL that you may have seen around…but with a lower heel than the original. They are soft black leather, and have a significant platform so the heel height feels a lot lower than it is. Hopefully they’ll prove very versatile, but I’ll let you all know my experience. Have a fabulous Friday…!

My most comfortable flats

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Interview with Jae: Part Two

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New Camera

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True love…or rebound?

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