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March 2011


Interview with TC

Once you find a good thing…stick with it! I love it when I find somebody who is really passionate about a particular product. To me, having multiples of an item means that it has been time tested in both comfort and style. So imagine my excitement when I saw the amazing collection of Balenciaga and Lanvin flats owned by TC.

The rainbow of colors is so beautiful, and flats, along with black pants and trench coat, are perpetually on my shopping list as I have so much trouble finding the “perfect” ones. As a certifiable flat expert (I consider owning a collection like this akin to a dissertation) I had to interview TC on some of her favorite shoes/fashions and her tips on buying the perfect flats. Enjoy the photos…and read on below.

What brands make your favorite flats and for what occasions?

I like Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Alaia, Prada, Miu Miu, and Tod’s. They’re all for regular everyday use. (I just added two more pairs to my Lanvin collection.)

What is your most worn pair of flats?

I often wear a pair of dark green patent Lanvin from 2009 just because it’s not stored in a box. It is also very comfortable.

Which pair is your favorite?

The only pair I worry about wearing out is a pair of jeweled Miu Miu peep-toe flats that I bought at Saks four plus years ago. They were the first iteration of the jeweled flats. I still regret not buying another pair.

Do you have as many heels or are you a flat girl?

Considering how short I am, you’d think I would wear heels more often, but I don’t like them. I only have a few basic styles.

Any other addictions?

I’m not a great shopper. I stick to the brands which work for me and get multiples of the same style. I am currently collecting a rainbow of Hermes Evelynes. They’re great schoolbags – the wide cross-body strap is super comfortable.

Any last tips on buying flats – on brands, fit, sales etc?

I usually don’t have the patience to look for bargains, but Bergdorf Goodman’s and Barney’s shoe sales are well worth fighting the crowd. I highly recommend consistently buying from one sales associate. You’ll soon get the inside track on (pre-)pre-sales, limited items, special orders, etc. Buy shoes that are immediately comfortable. Don’t count on them breaking in.


Isn’t she fabulous? Thank you TC for sharing your collection and beautiful taste with us!

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